Skin and Beauty Glossary

Acne conglobata: Type of Acne wherein interconnected nodules are placed below the floor of the pores and skin.

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Zits mechanica: Zits as a result of publicity to warmth, covered skin, stress, or repetitive friction.

Acne vulgaris: The maximum not unusual Kind of Zits, related to blackheads, whiteheads, papules, and pustules, commonly referred to as zits or acne.

Actinic keratoses: Precancerous growths that may seem pink, thick, and difficult; usually located on solar-damaged skin.

Age spots: Flat, brownish patches at the pores and skin resulting from solar exposure and perhaps getting old; additionally called “liver spots.”

Alopecia: Uncommon hair loss, most usually on the scalp.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs): Exfoliating elements derived from fruit and milk sugars and used to help lessen the arrival of wrinkles and age spots.

Antioxidants: Nutrients A (which include beta carotene), C, and E, thought to repair and defend skin cells through neutralizing unfavorable unfastened radicals.

Atopic: When an antibody gift within the pores and skin makes someone much more likely to enjoy hypersensitive reactions.

Basal cell carcinoma: Type of skin most cancers that forms at the bottom of the epidermis of the skin and usually does no longer unfold to different components of the body; related to lengthy-term overexposure to the sun.

Benzoyl peroxide: Topical Pimples treatment that kills Acne-causing micro organism.

Blackhead: A clogged pore typically filled with hardened oil and useless skin cells; the tip is seen at the pore starting.

Blepharoplasty: Beauty procedure to put off excess fat and pores and skin from across the eyes.

Chemical peel: Chemical answer implemented to the pores and skin to take away damaged outer layers.

Dermabrasion: manner wherein a rotating brush is used to abrade, or take away, the outer floor of the pores and skin.

Dermatitis: Inflammation of the pores and skin.

Epidermis: The center layer of the pores and skin.

Eczema: Inflammatory reaction inside the skin that can lead to redness, itching, and scaling.

epidermis: The outer layer of the pores and skin.

Exfoliate: To slough off the outer layer of skin cells.

Follicle: A shaft inside the pores and skin via which hair grows.

Isotretinoin (Accutane and different logo names): Oral diet A-primarily based medicinal drug used to deal with extreme Pimples.

Laser resurfacing: Laser manner to get rid of symptoms of getting old, consisting of pleasant strains, wrinkles, and age spots.

Melanin: A chemical inside the body that gives skin and hair their unique shade.

Melanoma: Existence-threatening shape of pores and skin cancer that generally develops in an existing mole.

Mole: Pigmented skin lesion additionally referred to as a nevus.

Noncomedogenic: A product not probable to clog pores and cause Acne lesions.

Papule: Zits lesion that looks as a small, pink bump at the pores and skin.

Photo-ageing: skin damage that outcomes from prolonged overexposure to the solar.

Phototherapy: Artificial ultraviolet (UV) radiation treatment for some skin sicknesses.

Plaque: Raised, however noticeably flat, patch of pores and skin.

Psoriasis: pores and skin situation characterized with the aid of red, raised, scaly patches.

Pustule: Inflamed Zits lesion containing pus.

Retinoids: Derivatives of diet A used to deal with a diffusion of pores and skin situations.

Rosacea: pores and skin condition characterized by outstanding spider veins and once in a while swelling.

Sclerotherapy: remedy that reduces the arrival of varicose veins and spider veins through injecting them with a special answer.

Sebaceous glands: Oil-producing glands within the pores and skin which are connected to hair follicles.

Seborrheic dermatitis: Scalp situation associated with itching and flakiness (dandruff) that also can arise on the face.

skin biopsy: Diagnostic process wherein a portion of the pores and skin is removed for examination in a laboratory.

Spider veins: Small reddish or purplish sunburst-fashioned veins underneath the pores and skin.

Squamous cell carcinoma: Type of skin most cancers that paperwork in outer layers of the skin, able to spreading to different parts of the body, and associated with long-time period overexposure to the solar.

Subcutis: The layer of fat below the pores and skin.

Telogen effluvium: Hair loss this is brief, regularly related to strain, illness, or recent childbirth.

Topical: A product applied on the pores and skin.

Tretinoin: Topical retinoid used to treat Zits with the aid of unclogging pores; also used to reduce signs of Photograph-growing old.

Ultraviolet light: The solar’s UVA and UVB rays which can motive each skin harm and skin cancers.

Urticaria: Raised reddish, itchy regions, additionally called hives.

Varicose veins: Huge blood vessels that seem as blue bulges underneath the skin; may be related to swelling, ache, and different signs and symptoms.

Whitehead: Closed Pimples lesion resulting from a clogged hair follicle.

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