Samsung’s latest phone can’t connect to the internet. Like, at all.

Well, right here’s something you do not see announced frequently (or ever, for that matter): A smartphone that can not hook up with the Internet. That’s proper; Samsung’s new Galaxy J2 Pro (it ain’t a “pro” whatever if it cannot go online) is deliberately designed to haven’t any way to go online. And nope, we have not slipped right into a Tardis and time traveled into April Fool’s Day 2019.

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Apparently made for students and senior citizens, the J2 Pro lacks any cell information connectivity.

Samsung’s press launch (Google translated) says the smartphone “blocks cellular information together with 3G, LTE, and Wi-Fi” with the reason of supporting college students focus on mastering (in place of, you realize, getting distracted through Instagram and stuff). The telephone’s additionally excellent for seniors who apparently have no interest in going online? 🤦‍ That manner, no Google, no Instagram, no Twitter, no streaming track, no YouTube. Zip, nada, zilch. The phone nonetheless helps you to make calls, send texts, take images and movies, and do something else you may do offline. It’s like having a PMP! Who remembers Portable Media Players?!

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The phone’s specs are pretty meh: 5-inch qHD AMOLED show, 1.4GHz quad-middle chip, 1.5GB of RAM, microSD card garage slot (there may be no inner storage), and a 2, six hundred mAh battery. There may be an eight-megapixel shooter on the return for the cameras and a 5-megapixel selfie digicam on the front.

All this for approximately $185! This is just terrible considering there are less expensive budget telephones with more functions and might go browsing.

If you are definitely hooked on going the net, it is probably top to get a dumb telephone (even though the ones can hook up with the internet, too). You might not even be tempted to take selfies which you know you cannot submit everywhere.

Fortunately, the J2 Pro is best being launched in South Korea, so your probabilities of getting it are greatly restrained. Unless, of course, you live in South Korea, and that is exactly the type of smartphone you need because you don’t have any strength of mind. Suppose that’s the case, then greater electricity to you.

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In early 2017, we can assume Samsung Electronics Co. To launch the first foldable phone models within the market. Over the past few months, the business enterprise has gained buzz for its flexible electronic device idea. And simply these days, a copy surfaced on the internet in their software for a patent filed on the twentieth of April this yr with the Korean Intellectual Property Office. The business enterprise also filed for a software patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office closing in November. The application with e-book wide variety US 2016-0187994 A1 is now pending approval.

The device uses the organic LED era for its bendy show. While OLED is nothing new with Samsung, having used it in all their flagship devices, the newest model is set to be the primary commercially available bendable smartphone.

Before the release of this concept, Samsung launched its Galaxy Note 7. The public normally received it in a high-quality light till devices started catching fire and shortly exploded after being charged. Lawsuits accompanied when unit after unit started out blowing up. Then an inevitable and extraordinarily adverse PR incident came about, and Samsung needed to go through a remember process with a surprising predicted cost of two billion greenbacks. However, Samsung then had no desire to discontinue the sale of Galaxy Note 7, losing around five billion dollars upfront plus an evaluated ninety-five percent of the year’s working income.

And so, with the latest setbacks Samsung faced, the mixing of OLED tech with a layout that lets customers fold their telephones might deliver Samsung the brink they want to enhance their income, reacquire what they lost, and rebuild their corporate reputation.

How the bendy electronic tool works

As supplied within the patent application, the model may have an eight-inch screen whilst unfurled and, when used as a handset, will reduce right into a five-inch display. For the 2 monitors to work in an unmarried phone, the patented pics confirmed a hinge particularly designed to keep the telephone upright and help hold it flawlessly suit in a single’s pocket when folded.

Although other info remains undisclosed until now, humans are conscious that many parts of a normal, unbendable phone will feature differently. Aside from coming up with a practical and flexible show, the minds in the back of this innovative machine will consider a way to put in a battery that now not best stays intact without overheating; however, it will also work nicely whether the tool is folded or now not.

In evaluation with Microsoft Surface Book

The cellphone’s axis is similar to the flexible hinge of Microsoft’s Surface Book, which the company patented the last yr. Like Microsoft’s multi-pivot armadillo hinge, Samsung’s hinge is likewise similar to a pending patent application with the USPTO, guide wide variety US 2016-0132075 A1. And whilst Samsung also filed a patent request for their flexible device idea, and with Microsoft’s software having final rejection fame, it is still pretty early to inform if there might be feasible infringement instances as soon as the products hit the marketplace of both international locations in which the inventions can be sold.

However, buyers of the primary gen Microsoft Surface Book referred to that dirt tends to choose the inner facets of the hinge. On the other hand, pics of Samsung’s bendy tool show the hinge has a unique arrangement in which every fold curves in a way that suits the subsequent. The patent software of Samsung also shows that the hinge, unlike Microsoft’s, can paintings to allow the device to be folded and unfolded semi-automatically.

Project Valley

In 2015, Samsung announced it changed into working on a foldable display, naming the studies then as Project Valley. People anticipate the version to be released under the name Galaxy X. But this model isn’t the first product beneath Samsung’s paintings on bendy screens. Galaxy Note Edge and its curved screen gave us the first glimpse of this tech returned in 2014. Soon after, being the largest supplier of OLED panels used in cell merchandise, Samsung continued to develop pioneering codecs of presentations for smartphones. Samsung counts on the OLED tech to generate massive orders that might take them returned to the front lines after the overpowering consider of phones.

And now, with the bendy OLED era, smartphones can be designed thinner but able to display brighter photos and films without speedy draining the battery, in contrast to phones with LCD monitors. Tech analysts and lovers are excited to look at those factors in Samsung’s Project Valley subsequent year.

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