Rooting Android Device? Install These 5 Google Apps Immediately After It

If you’re bold enough that you’ve taken a chance to root your Android device, then it is a must say that either you’re too brave or you have a lot to spend. Anyways, if you’ve already taken a step forward, then go ahead and install these five essential Android apps to secure after you finish rooting Android devices.

Rooting is an illegitimate activity, and the device manufacturers don’t provide support or warranty for any rooted Android device. Even after knowing all this, if you’ve gone ahead and rooted your Android Smartphone or tablet, then it’s time to manage and protect your device’s security. Rooting Android devices might attract you to overcome limitations that hardware manufacturers put on some devices, but rooting permits users to alter or replace system applications and other settings. Additionally, rooting your Google Android Smartphones and tablets allows you to run specialized apps that require administrator-level permissions and perform specific operations that aren’t accessible to a normal Android user. If you’ve taken a step forward, then install these five best Android apps to ensure routine backups, access system-level files, and quickly boot into any Android mode.

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1. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is a must-install app after rooting your device as it allows you to establish a strong security shield and protect your data files from future damages. Undoubtedly, the Android market faces many uncertain threats and vulnerabilities that can damage your device to an irreparable extent, so it is better to prepare yourself in advance. Android threats can easily flash your device with a kernel or a virus that might turn your device into an unresponsive phone. The app helps users by taking full backups of your device and restoring the entire content later on. Users can get the app for free of cost from the Android Store and can create manual backups when they suspect any illegitimate activity or perform a custom development strategy. The app can efficiently backup your downloaded and installed apps, freeze apps, SMS, and other important files.

2. Quick Boot (Reboot)

This is another free app from the Google Play Store, and its key combinations allow a user to enjoy using various modes on Android devices. Using this app, you can easily access the recovery and bootloader modes or various Android modes, irrespective of your device’s brand and manufacturer. The app lets you reboot into various modes with a single tap to eliminate the hassle of holding down numerous buttons on your device. The app is ideal for users who wish to access numerous UI modes and enjoy quick booting on their different Android devices.

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3. ROM Manager

ROM Manager is among the best Android apps that can assist you to flash a custom recovery on a custom ROM. If you have a rooted Android gadget, then you can easily install a custom flash ROM to access the popular CWM Recovery by installing this app. Gaining access to the popular CWM Recovery will allow you to install your favorite custom firmware and reboot into the recovery mode by following a single tap technique. The app is available for free on the Google Play store, and you can download it to ensure complete device and user security.

4. AnTuTu CPU Master

Sometimes, you might feel that your Android device doesn’t have the same speed and performance that impressed you during its initial purchase. AnTuTu CPU Master is an app that allows you to increase the speed of your processor and improve the overall performance to ensure a smooth and faster Android experience. Download the app instantly for free from the official Android Store and experience tremendous improvement in your device’s performance and speed! You can also enjoy seamless gaming and video streaming experience, as it boosts up your GPU and ensures faster graphics rendering.

5. Root Explorer

Root Explorer allows users to explore the root-level files on your Google Android device that you can’t explore using the default file manager. The app allows you to view, modify, and even delete unnecessary files or phone software that isn’t required. But users have to be extra careful while doing so because it may lead to the bricking of your device and may cause some irreparable damages. Since the app can also perform other crucial tasks, the Google Play Store offers it at $3.99.


There are plenty of root-only apps in the Android market, but the list mentioned above will help you select the right ones. Additionally, you can also try Superuser, SetCPU for Root Users, Wireless Tether for Root Users, Screenshot It, and others to maximize the benefit of root access on your device. Don’t get panic if you’ve already rooted your Android device, as you can still find some suitable apps and tools to enhance its benefits!

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