Rail Rush Mod – What Is New?

Rail Rush is a simple mod that changes the player’s username on the chat channel to their team’s color of the corresponding winning team. This was one of the earliest mods available and had very few reviews at its release. It is not as popular as other teamkillers like Chatting With The Dead or Chatting With The Saints. It did, however, get the job done and still has a fairly large number of satisfied users. Unfortunately, many of these users are also among the millions who have actively sought the latest and greatest in gaming modding tools and applications and have consequently depleted the number of users on this particular server.

This begs the question, what is the best mod for Rail Rush? That answer largely depends on individual taste, as there is quite a variety within this mod. Some people might prefer the original version, while others will gravitate more towards the “Pro” versions offered by the developer.

Rail Rush Mod

The most recent Rail Rush mod apk release is the latest “Sidebar” apk, which has received many positive reviews from users. This newer version comes with several improvements and bug fixes from the previous version. One such fix is the inclusion of support for the latest Google Android operating system. Users can no longer complain about compatibility issues with their devices. Of course, there are still many other improvements to be found, and a full list of these can be found in the mod’s blog.

If you enjoy modding games, you will love this one. This mod actually recreates a realistic rail network complete with train stations, freight elevators, passenger terminals, and other rail-related items you would expect to find on a modern train station. The entire server has been overhauled to create an even more realistic experience, and while the server requires some maintenance now and again, the long-term effects will surely be well worth it.

If you want to mod something that actually makes a difference, Rail Rush is definitely not the kind of mod to start with. The newest version comes with a tutorial and a video series teaching you the mod’s ins and outs. If you are looking to build a bigger railroad or have questions about the mod, you can also find answers.

The first time I used Rail Rush, I instantly drew to the mod’s bright red trains. They are one of the most realistic-looking models available, and using the latest technology to recreate them in R2L is rather impressive. After just a few minutes of using the mod, it really felt like I was part of the railroad building process itself. It’s great to know that the modders did an excellent job recreating this aspect of the game, and this latest update gives users yet another reason to play it.

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