Microsoft Closes Down ‘Word Flow’ Keyboard for iOS, Points Users to SwiftKey

Monday, July 31, 2017, four: fifty-three AM PDT with the aid of Mitchel Broussard
In April of 2016, Microsoft spread out a beta take a look at and then released its Word Flow Windows Phone keyboard at the iOS App Store within the United States. Over a year later, a few users have observed that Microsoft has now closed down the app and eliminated it from Apple’s App Store (via WindowsCentral).

On Word Flow’s Microsoft Garage web page, the Employer notes that “the Word Flow test is now whole,” and suggests that users down load SwiftKey. Microsoft obtained SwiftKey in February of 2016, so it seems that the organization has determined to awareness solely on one predictive keyboard app on the iOS App Store

As with all apps removed from Apple’s App Store, whilst attempting to go to vintage hyperlinks for Word Flow on iTunes [Direct Link], an errors message now reads, “The item you’ve requested isn’t always presently available in the U.S. Save.”
The Word Flow test is now entire! We inspire you to download the SwiftKey Keyboard from the App Store. The SwiftKey product team is frequently constructing and comparing new capabilities for SwiftKey and transport updates.
Like many 1/3-celebration keyboard apps, Word Flow integrated GIFs, subject customization options, and gadget learning for better predictive texts. The app’s standout feature become “Arc Mode,” which curved the iOS keyboard right into a round shape and hugged the aspect of the iPhone that a consumer could type on, bearing in mind comfortable one-handed typing.

Now that it’s gone, users won’t have to get right of entry to Arc Mode, however, SwiftKey consists of a number of the same features as Word Flow, together with a swipe-to-kind ability. The app became updated approximately two weeks ago with emoji prediction, new topics, upgraded 3-d Touch capabilities, and more languages. SwiftKey is to be had to download from the iOS App Store for free.

Running Your Business From A Tablet

Using pill PCs to perform significant sports can be very difficult. Most folks use iOS or android powered tablets to preserve that connection even as we’re away from office or home, however with no appropriate keyboard or mouse it is going to be cumbersome to do plenty other than answering emails or gambling Angry Birds game. However, modern innovation has made tablets PCs extra effective to deal with the fundamentals of commercial enterprise computing – however simplest in case you find out how to region them into your everyday workflow. Here are a few hints to help you get the most out of a tablet PC.

The important project in carrying out numerous activities out of your pill is adjusting to the idea of now not having a keyboard. Sure, you may deliver with you a portable Bluetooth keyboard, most experts see working entirely on drugs captivating – and that is attributed to their portability, and lugging all over with a bag filled with peripherals as alternative ruins the point. Alternatively, you can down load apps which make your tablets’ on-screen keyboard purposeful.

But for Apple’s iOS powered devices, there’s an app known as the Keyboard Upgrade, which helps you to rearrange and split the keyboard to make sure touchscreen typing is simpler to kind on. Sadly, keyboard apps protected on iPad are of limited use due to the fact Apple does not help independent developers to alter the iOS keyboard apps, and subsequently, its app – the Keyboard Upgrade obliges you to replicate already typed textual content and paste into other packages.

While for Android powered tablet users, the android market is accommodative for independent developers, consequently greater tremendous keyboard alternative apps along with the SwiftKey Tablet X or Thumb Keyboard. There are also other new methods of typing you can regularly attempt like with Swype, and all of these keyboard upgrades may have the default Android keyboard upgraded throughout Android apps.


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Right, no matter which app you go for, seeking to replica the overall functionality a physical keyboard on a tablet PC won’t be a stroll in the park. The gain of this restrict is that numerous professionals will locate wearing out their commercial enterprise from a pill compel them to be a chunk brief while communicating with customers. You’ll have the business network embracing the constraints of drugs to be higher business people. When you respond to an email through a pill PC, it would pressure you to quickly get to the factor and live far from the enticing to move off-subject matter.

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