Locomotive team of workers asked to update tech expertise

In the 38th Electric Loco Maintenance Study Group assembly held at the SCR headquarters here on Friday, Ghanshyam Singh, Member Traction, Railway Board said that progressive adjustments may be delivered in Locomotive energy by means of leveraging technological advancements.

South Central Railway is having 3,000 route kilometre electrified track and conserving six hundred Electric Locomotives. “The body of workers engaged in the upkeep of the locomotives ought to be nicely skilled and up to date about the brand new technology being inducted.

Indian Railways has embarked upon big electrification of tracks to improve the speed and haulage ability, he stated and added that the equipment also desires to equipment up to meet the needs of the destiny,” stated Ghanshyam Singh.

John Thomas, Additional General Manager, An APhadke, Chief Electrical Engineer, SCR besides Chief Electrical Loco Engineers from all different Zonal Railways, Senior Engineers from Research Designs and Standards Organization (RDSO), Lucknow participated in the day long Electric Loco Maintenance Study Group assembly.

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