Laureus World Sports Awards: From Nelson Mandela’s speech to Viking clap, excellent moments from past ceremonies

Be it an unthinkable comeback to the sport, an unprecedented variety of titles, or a video that leaves the world teary-eyed. The global of sport is all about moments which take the breath away. Each year, Laureus World Sports Awards honor athletes and groups for such moments or collections of moments that stand out. Over the years, the Laureus Awards ceremonies have also thrown up a few splendid moments. Here’s a observation some of the first-class moments from Laureus ceremonies:

Past ceremonies

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Be it an unthinkable comeback to the sport, a wide variety of titles, or a video that leaves the world teary-eyed. The global of sport is all about moments which take the breath away. Each yr, Laureus World Sports Awards honor athletes and groups for such moments or collections of moments that stand out. Over the years, the Laureus Awards ceremonies have additionally thrown up a few fantastic moments. Here’s a look at a number of the great moments from Laureus ceremonies:

Laureus World Sports Awards: From Nelson Mandela's speech to Viking clap, excellent moments from past ceremonies 13

Nelson Mandela’s speech in 2000The Laureus World Sports Awards is one of the rare events where athletes are seen in public sans the bats and the racquets, the walking shoes, and the various paraphernalia related to their subject. But it turns out Valentino Rossi is not one of these athletes. In 2006, Laureus bestowed upon him the Spirit of Sports Award for raising the profile of MotoGP throughout his five-12 months World Championship reign. The eccentric rider became up on stage astride his Yamaha R1 motorcycle to accumulate the MotoGP Legend Giacomo Agostini and Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone award.

Nadal takes on Kevin Spacey…in TT!

It is near impossible to overcome Rafael Nadal at tennis. But how properly is he at table tennis?

Pretty right, as Kevin Spacey located out after though the Spaniard to a sport of deck tennis on the 2011 right. The Spanish ace gained the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year Award that year and ended that night with a victory on the TT table.

Even the Hollywood actor screaming, “Oh my God! It’s Federer,” didn’t work.

India’s brush with the Laureus Awards

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The Laureus movement had a memorable beginning — with a speech from Nelson Mandela, who become named the Laureus Patron. Mandela, in a rousing speech, stated: “Sport has the power to change the arena. It has the energy to encourage. It has the strength to unite humans in a way that little else does. It speaks to children in a language they apprehend. Sport can create desire, in which once there was most effective despair.” His phrases encouraged the beginning of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, which has gone directly to help kids triumph over issues like poverty, homelessness, warfare, juvenile violence, drug abuse, discrimination, and AIDS.

The Foundation now supports over a hundred and fifty global projects.

In 2014, India’s Magic Bus turned into given the Laureus Sport for Good Award for using a game to result in social trade. The Non-Government Organisation (NGO) aims to take children out of poverty thru a program of mentoring and coaching in sports activities. Magic Bus’s Founder and Chairman, Matthew Spacie, gathered the award from Laureus Sports for Good Foundation, Edwin Moses.

Everyone knows what occurs whilst a famous actor takes on an athlete at a sport after Spacey’s TT fits with Nadal. So, whilst the organizers made China’s Olympic desk tennis champion Deng Yaping play against Sherlock’s big-name Benedict Cumberbatch in 2015, they tried to offer the latter an advantage with the aid of making the Chinese champ play with a wooden cooking spoon.

Bear in thoughts that Yaping has been voted as China’s athlete of the century. What do you suspect happened subsequently? Isn’t it essential, my expensive Watson?

Joachim Loew, who has received global repute for being the teacher of the all-conquering Germany countrywide soccer group, is popularly referred to as ‘Yogi,’ a shortened version of his first call. But for a few like Hollywood star Bill Murray, the nickname reminds a certain comedian e-book and caricature-lively endure. Murray made a song the subject matter song of the cool animated film in 2016 before ushering Loew on the degree to present an award.

Iceland stuck the creativeness of the sector after their exploits at the 2016 European Championship in France after an amazing run to the area-finals. What also struck the attention of the world become the Viking clap the gamers might lead the supporters into after each in shape. At the 2017 rite, all the delegates tried their hand at the Viking clap. And, it changed into exquisite!

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