iOS 10: How to use the new lock screen

In view that iOS 10 turned into released many users have been upgrading all of their gadgets, it simplest to find out that there’s a good deal more to iOS 10 than meets the attention. And one of the largest modifications in iOS 10 is the lock screen.

iOS 10: How to use the new lock screen 12


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  • The new edition of the iOS lock display screen helps you effortlessly get entry to the digicam app with a swipe, and it also lets you get admission to the widgets’ web page thru swiping as properly.
  • The widgets can be customized to show only the widgets you need to look, within the order that you opt to view them. You may also, without difficulty, add, delete or move widgets around.
  • In this how-to I’ll display you The way to use the new lock screen.
  • Open the digicam app at the iOS 10 lock display screen

1. Swipe left at the same time as at the lock display to open the camera app.

2. While inside the digital camera app, you’ll want to press the home button to move returned to the lock screen. Don’t try to swipe to the right whilst inside the camera app, it won’t take you again to the home display. add, delete or circulate widgets on the iOS 10 lock display screen

1. Swipe proper while on the lock screen to get admission to the iOS 10 widgets web page.

2. While you are on the widgets page, You can scroll down to see greater widgets.

3. To add, delete or rearrange widgets, scroll to the very backside of the widgets display screen and faucet the Edit button. Notice that you’ll need to go into your passcode or place your finger on the house button earlier than edit your widgets.

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