Hacker George Hotz Unveils $999 Self-Driving Software

Hacker George Hotz Unveils $999 Self-Driving Software

Hacker George Hotz is gearing up to launch his automobile AI start-up’s first legit product.

In December, the 26-year-vintage—acknowledged for infiltrating Apple’s iPhone and Sony’s Playstation 3—moved directly to larger things: turning a 2016 Acura ILX into an independent automobile. In keeping with Bloomberg, Hotz equipped the automobile with a laser-primarily based radar (lidar) device, a digital camera, a 21.five-inch screen, a “tangle of electronics,” and a joystick connected to a wooden board.

Nine months later, the famed hacker this week unveiled the Comma One. As described by means of TechCrunch, the $999 add-on comes with a $24 month-to-month subscription rate for software program that could pilot a car for miles without a driver touching the wheel, brake, or fuel.

disrupt_sf16_geohot_george_hotz-3687.jpg (1920×1314)

But unlike structures currently below development by Google, Tesla, and almost every fundamental vehicle manufacturer, Comma.Ai’s “shippable” Comma One does now not require customers to buy a new automobile.

“It’s completely purposeful. It is about on par with Tesla Autopilot,” Hotz said during this week’s TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco.

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