Gurugram car crash: 2 dead, female pilot fights for life

Two humans died, and a female pilot was injured after an SUV hit a Swift Dzire vehicle head-on in a 16-lane underpass on Golf Course Road on Sunday morning.

The fatal coincidence happened among Mahindra Scorpio, and Swift Dzire around 5 am. The accident’s impact became such that the Swift car turns out to be mangled after a loud thud.

The victims were later taken to close by Neel Kanth Hospital. Vinod Yadav, the driving force, and Kishor Kumar, protection defend, succumbed to their injuries, whilst Swarn Gayatri, the pilot of Indigo airlines, is fighting for her lifestyle. She has sustained a couple of fractures in the skull and chest.

The incident occurred after Gayatri, a resident of Dhoot Time Residency, had employed a personal cab to visit the airport. When Swift Dzire vehicle reached Sikandarpur underpass, a speeding Scorpio, coming from Cyber City on the wrong aspect, hit it the auto head-on. The Scorpio was over 100 kmph. The velocity of sedans becomes additionally over eighty mph.

Eyewitnesses have stated that there have been 4 occupants inside the SUV and that they fled from the spot soon after the coincidence, leaving the automobile in a lurch.

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We have registered an FIR underneath rash and negligence using towards Scorpio occupants and seized the vehicle. Efforts are direct to identify the accused on the premise of registration variety of Scorpio. A hunt has additionally been launched to nab them, said Ravinder Kumar, PRO of Gurugram police.

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