Free Stuff Team RAR

Have you ever shopped for clothes or other things that have a story behind them?

Well, here we are introducing Free Stuff Team RAR!

Free Stuff Team RAR is a creation by some friends who collaborated to form a chain of new products to show their talent, knowledge, and creativity.

The company is started by a group of college students creating YouTube videos.

Their website has a solid social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Their website is rated 4.1 out of 5 on Trust-pilot.

They allow many creators to showcase their talent on their platform and get a chance to earn some money.

They explain that “it’s a place for everyone who wants to show their creativity and earn money from them”.

This website is creating various merchandise with unique designs and excellent quality.

Since their products are pocket friendly and stylish, they are loved by many Americans.

But their primary focus is- Printed clothes.

Because their designs are new and fashionable, they are not available anywhere else.

As they denoted their RAR signs as “Rare Bird”, and they explained it as “Rare And Ridiculous”.

On their website, you will find many options for T-Shirts, Cardigans, Shirts, Hats, Bags, and Sweatshirts.


Founder’s Details

The free stuff team rar website was founded and developed by some common friends from America- Carter Sharer, Lizzy Capri, Stove Cho, Ryan Prunty, Matt, and Milli Capri. 

They collaborated to form a chain of various new pieces of stuff that are new and unique in their quality, looks, and styles and something that describes their passion and hard work in designs.

Some of them are successful YouTubers that have Millions of Subscribers on their YouTube Channels, like-

Carter Sharer– Carter has a successful YouTube channel with over 8.86 Million subscribers and 465 videos.

Lizzy Capri– Lizzy has 6.14 Million Subscribers on their YouTube Channel and 452 videos.

Stove Cho– Stove also has a YouTube Channel with 1.56 Million subscribers and 344 Videos.

They collectively formed a YouTube Channel under the name of Team RAR, and all the members of their Team collectively started uploading videos on it.

They have over 3.96 Million Subscribers along with just 13 Videos in it.

Business Details

Free Stuffs Team RAR’s business is based online and managed through their website, where they receive orders from customers and ship them.

The company was founded in 2010 but started operating online in late 2019.

They have both National and International customers, as their YouTube videos are watched by many people in and outside of America.

Their website is accurate and contains various product sections and helpful information about the product.

They sell their product in Domestic as well as international markets.

All their Domestic orders are shipped within two working days and delivered in 4 to 5 days.

Products with an order value above $60 can be eligible for free home delivery.

The shipping charges for International locations depend upon the buyer’s residence (where the buyer is located).

International orders can take up to 2 to 4 weeks to reach the buyer’s location.

Team RAR Free Stuff is known for distributing various free pieces of stuff to their followers and the eir ffanseward and wants to build their online presence more strongly. Their campaign isso called “team rar free stuff for providing various products for free“.

The story of providing free products was planned approximately a year ago by one of the members called Lizzy, who planned to sell some of its store’s products online for free hence it is also called “free stuff team rar Lizzy“.

They planned and discussed it with other team members, and while not everyone understood their idea initially, they helped them with their plan.

The Team made a special section on their website as “free stuff team rar com Lizzy Capri” because Lizzy started Lizzyampaign. They started listing various products like 4K TV sets, Apple TV, PlayStation, Toys, Daily Items, Premium Gaming Headphones, Expensive Gadgets like Chromebook, Apple I Pads, Chromecast, HP Laptops, Speakers, Sound Systems, Smart Watches, and various Smart Assistant Devices in their “free stuff on team rar” section and informed their fans and subscribers by “free stuff team rar free” portal in their social media and their website.

I Opened a FREE STORE!! - YouTube

All products were distributed in two campaign slots after the effects in 1st slot were sold.

Once their 1st campaign was launched, they received huge traffic on their website as all the products got sold within a few hours.

After that, they launched a 2nd slot campaign and sold out in a few hours.

They also mentioned that they could cancel those orders that contain two or more products.

They only give one product to a person as it increases the chance for others to take anything.

They started preparing products for packing and shipping them and began distributing them to their respective buyers.

They reached out to various fans to deliver their products and take their feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • What is Free Stuff Team RAR?

Free Stuff Team RAR is a group of some college friends that upload various videos on YouTube.

They all came together to form a common place where they designed and developed various kinds of designs and taglines and printed them on numerous clothes along with their brand name.

  • Who is the founder of this company?

This company has five active founders, along with a dog as a co-founder.

Some of them are popular YouTube and Social media Influencers with millions of Subscribers- Lizzy, Stove, and Carter.

They all create similar videos on their channels.

  • What is Team RAR Free Stuff?

Approximately a year ago, a team member planned to distribute various products to their fans and followers for free to increase their fan base and online business presence.

They gave 100 gadgets and various other stuff and more all the packaging and shipping charges by themselves.

Also, they reached out to some of their fan’s residents to deliver their product by themselves and take their feedback.


Team RAR seems like a trusted place for purchasing good quality products at affordable prices, with unique designs, taglines, and a backstory.

The company is operated by various Social Media Stars that maintain their company’s reputation and market position and keep them unique.

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