Fifa 17: Iceland team in ‘cash row’ with game developers EA

Iceland will not function in the Fifa 17 video game because of a cash row with developers Electronic Arts, says the country’s soccer affiliation (KSI).

The KSI says EA’s financial provide of 15,000 US greenbacks (£11,501) for their inclusion was under their expectancies.

Iceland, who knocked England out of Euro 2016 in June, made a counter provide which they are saying turned into no longer typical with the aid of EA.

“They’re the ones buying these rights and they almost need it without spending a dime,” said KSI president Geir Thorsteinsson.

“The overall performance at the Euros display that we are pretty a good group and many would like to play with our crew. It’s sad for the gamers – but the criticism must be toward EA Sports.”

The rate that EA pays groups included in the game covers the usage of emblems and photo rights.

“I truly experience if we’re freely giving rights, or providing rights, it must be right negotiations and honest charges.” introduced Thorsteinsson.

“I did not sense that this became carried out in a truthful and open way.”

The BBC has requested EA for comment.

Iceland, who are ranked 27th in the world, have no longer featured in preceding editions of the sport, however had been hopeful of getting into present day version after their run to the region-finals of the ecu Championship this summer season.

A total of forty-seven men’s global sides, along with all the house nations, will feature.

India, who are 148th in the world, are the lowest ranked country wide facet in the sport.

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