Brainstorm Health: Athenahealth Bid, Obamacare Fast Food Rules, $1.Five Million Gene Therapy

Paul Singer’s activist hedge fund Elliott Management has its sights set on a new target: Athenahealth, the medical software program, fitness IT, and information analytics firm run by CEO Jonathan Bush, an outspoken evangelist of the virtual health revolution. Elliott took a 9.2% stake in Athenahealth’s final yr and is now creating a $one hundred sixty-in line with-percentage, $6. Five billion all-coins offer to snap up the employer outright, CNBC reviews. That’s a top rate of nearly 30% to Athenahealth’s closing fee on Friday (and Athena shares promptly jumped sixteen% in Monday buying and selling following reports of the deal). The question now is whether or no longer Bush and his board of administrators are recreations for the M&A.

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Elliott, for its part, wasn’t precisely mild in explaining a rationale for the deal: “It is clear to us and turning into clear to many others that Athenahealth’s potential will never be found out without the sort of operational exchange that the company appears unable to supply,” wrote the company in a letter saying the offer, adding that Elliott and others had approached Athenahealth closing 12 months however been rebuffed. It’s doubtful what path Athenahealth will take (the business enterprise issued a boilerplate missive about reviewing the unsolicited inspiration on Monday). One key factor, other than Bush, can be the corporation’s these days-appointed, excessive-profile chairman: former GE CEO Jeff Immelt.


Color Genomics launches its populace health platform. DNA trying out organization Color Genomics is expanding its aims. The company announced a brand new population health initiative focused on most cancers and excessive cholesterol threat genomic checks on Monday. “Through this partnership, the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson Health and Thomas Jefferson University; The University of Chicago; University of California, San Francisco; and The University of Washington could be capable of offer genetic testing to their sufferers,” Color stated in a press release. The pass is available in an age of booming call for those styles of checks that have come to be especially popular consumer merchandise within the beyond 12 months.

Khosla’s a ways-out prediction for digital fitness. Vinod Khosla is out with yet some other audacious claim approximately the destiny of digital fitness, maintaining on the Health Innovation Summit in San Francisco that eighty% of medical doctors will get replaced by machines in the future (and that “entrepreneurs” in place of medical professionals will force fitness care in said future). A range of analysts, such as futurist-virtual-fitness fans, took some problems with Khosla’s prediction. (WiRED)

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A $1.5 million gene therapy? Gene cures that, in effect, therapy or hugely enhance the blood-clotting disease hemophilia (and possibly aren’t too a long way from the marketplace) ought to include astronomical, document-shattering price tags, Leerink analysts argued on Monday in studies notice: “It appears the reputedly impervious million-dollar threshold may be breached with hemophilia gene therapy, that may achieve this even as still creating a price for society with the aid of reducing the cost of thing alternative therapy,” wrote analysts Joseph Schwartz and Dae Gon Ha. If that does come to skip, it’d be any other instance of a milestone biotech innovation accompanied by a milestone charge.


Obamacare’s rapid meals calorie labeling rule is, in the end, going into impact. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is pushing thru a long-delayed Obamacare regulation underneath Commissioner Scott Gottlieb: A requirement that chain eating places and merchandising machines prominently show calorie statistics. The rule has floundered over the years (it wasn’t even finalized till three years after the health law’s passage); now, a Trump management official is making it a

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“Steven Schachter is Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School; Chief Academic Officer and Director of Neurotechnology for the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology, Boston; and Senior Neurologist, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston. Dr. Schachter is Co-Chair of the ILAE Therapeutics Strategies Commission and serves at the ILAE Global Campaign Task Force. He is the Past President of the American Epilepsy Society, beyond the Chair of the Professional Advisory Board of the Epilepsy Foundation and a member of the Epilepsy Foundation Board of Directors.

He has directed over 70 studies initiatives involving antiepileptic treatment plans and published over 200 articles and chapters. He compiled the 6-quantity Brainstorms series, allotted to over a hundred and fifty,000 patients and households international, and edited or written 23 different books on epilepsy and conduct. Dr. Schachter is the founding editor and editor-in-chief of Epilepsy & Behavior. ”

What a Godsend for all people who have, or are worried about epilepsy and seizures, that Schachter, now and again with co-authors, with this great professional recognition and career, has had the insight and afforded the time to put up this Brainstorms Series of 6 books on epilepsy and seizures.

Each book inside the Brainstorms Series every starts with the steering of a quick creation to epilepsy, written in simple, effortlessly understood layman’s terms. Still, it’s far the heartrending non-public testimonies in each book that have such huge well-known appeal – exceptional humans’ private experiences and descriptions of seizures and epilepsy, throughout the globe – toddlers, young kids, young adults, mother and father, women, circle of relatives, carers, instructors, paintings colleagues, professionals and so forth.

The scope of these stories is extensive, covering innumerable classifications of seizures and epilepsy, written from the heart, bridging every age, religion, and culture, at the same time as revealing the apprehension, heartache, grief and lifestyles changes, loss of life dreams and expectancies, that humans with epilepsy have to face and deal with… Grapple with, and admirably, it seems, with a lot of willpower, braveness, in addition to help and unconditional love from the ones around them.

As the saying goes, ” A trouble shared is a trouble halved, “and by soaking up these tales written inside the first character, the reader feels a whole lot of help and comfort, genuinely from the affirmation and cognizance that they are NOT on my own inside the world, and that others percentage and confront their equal difficulty. Readers can discover their signs and instances with others, absorb guide, assisting positioned their personal lives into context, often giving a few peace of mind, and those factors alone regularly assist resolve pressure (a cause in itself).

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