Biometric Software Startup Hoyos Labs Relaunches as Veridium

BOSTON, Sept. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Hoyos Labs, a leader in biometrics-based totally authentication technology, today rebranded as Veridium (www.VeridiumID.Com), heralding a new corporate method and the release of its stop-to-give up biometric authentication solution – VeridiumID. The corporation gives establishments a way to replace passwords completely with face, voice, or fingerprints to authenticate an individual. This method has been shown to boom protection, lessen fraud, and cut the expenses related to passwords and traditional multi-element authentication answers.

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Where Hoyos Labs completed numerous breakthroughs in biometrics R&D, with 8 patents and 34 patents pending, Veridium will take the strongest factors of that studies legacy right into an extra focused product providing to without delay cope with the most pressing safety needs of 4 key sectors: International 2000, financial offerings, healthcare, and government. Veridium’s solutions are constructed on an open general to make a certain chronic new release and permit the solutions to adapt at the leading edge of the industry.

In keeping with a current file by Verizon, sixty-three percent of showed statistics breaches involved vulnerable, default, or stolen passwords.1 Moreover, many industries – notably financial services and healthcare – go through huge fraud losses because of these unreliable authentication strategies. Biometrics toughen legacy systems by including an additional security layer. With Veridium’s new merchandise and solutions, organizations and businesses can install biometrics either to update passwords altogether or as a 2nd authentication component.

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