All the political parties in Bihar, both ruling and Opposition, have agreed that a joint memorandum is submitted to the fifteenth Finance Commission for its recommendations of finances and tax devolution to Bihar. The leaders felt that such initiative become lots wished in the interest of the State.

Asian Development Research Institute (ADRI) has been instrumental in bringing all political parties on an unmarried forum to ensure the interests of Bihar are effectively represented with a joint memorandum because the twelfth Finance Commission and this have been a fruitful exercising, said ADRI member secretary Shaibal Gupta on Saturday.


The meeting chaired by way of Bihar Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Choudhary turned into attended by using representatives of JD(U), BJP, RJD, Congress, HAM, CPI, CPM, CPI(ML), LJP, RLSP, BSP, and other parties except for the representatives of Chamber of Commerce, Industries Association and the teachers from Patna University, Magadh University, Chanakya Law University, AN Sinha Institute. From the Government aspect, senior officers of the finance branch were additionally present.

The Speaker congratulated ADRI for web hosting the event and iterated that he has continually believed such an initiative convey human beings with the hobby of the State of Bihar comes to the vanguard. Speaking on the event, Bijendra Yadav of JD(U) emphasized that Bihar has suffered historically because of bifurcation and natural screw-ups. It deserves that the Center must not forget following unique class fame and bundle to Bihar.

SAtthe meeting, former Finance Minister Abdul Bari Siddiqui of RJD talked about an extra aware approach whilst traumatic special allocations and presents for human improvement indicators that Bihar has lagged historically. Shivanand Tiwari of the equal party asserted that there’s a possibility to relook the technique of allocation of presents and aligning it with population and demographic compulsions.


JD(U)’s RCP Singh confused on the need for consideration of Special Category Status to Bihar and special provisions preserving in view of historic risks of the State. Congress legislature Shakeel Ahmad Khan harassed the need for an extra committed awareness on education and healthcare inside the memorandum. CPIM’s Awadhesh Singh stated that both Centre and State authorities are elected by way of identical humans, the undertone of segregation among States and Centre changed into neither prudent nor advisable.

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