62-year-old Spanish woman hails pregnancy as ‘a miracle’

A sixty two-year-vintage Spanish lady is 8 months pregnant and is due to supply birth to a toddler female in October. Health practitioner Lina Alvarez, from Logo in northwest Spain, says she started menopause two decades ago but is now looking ahead to her third child after the present fertility treatment process. Ms. Alvarez has two sons. The eldest is now 27-years-old. He suffered head damage before birth while a gynecologist damaged his head at some point of a routine check and now calls for consistent care.

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  • Her more youthful son is 10-years-vintage and was born whilst she was 52.
  • According to Spanish news provider Agencia EFE, Ms. Alvarez said: “I feel like a woman in her 30s. To feel better than this is not possible.”
  • “I am thrilled due to the fact I’m living now my praise for a lot suffering. It is a miracle.”
  • In step with MailOnline, she brought: “I continually wanted to be a mom again, but maximum medical experts said no.”
  • However, she observed a gynecologist willing to conduct assessments and showed he had become inclined to help her.

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They stated there was simplest a six according to cent threat of fulfillment,” Ms. Alvarez said. “but I got pregnant with a toddler female. Ms. Alvarez’s pregnancy has sparked debate in Spain over the ethics of choice to implant an embryo in a person her age. But she told newshounds she does no longer allow it to hassle her.

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