5 high-quality free period-monitoring apps for contemporary women

The wide variety of apps available for period tracking are legion, that is as it should be. It’s an essential part of fitness. And it took me shamefully long to find out them — I had my iPhone for nearly two years earlier than I downloaded my first tracker app.

There are specialised apps — as an example, FitrWoman, a duration tracker for athletes. But simple apps tracking cycles and signs and symptoms are all the common woman will ever want. With that in mind, here are the free period-monitoring apps I’d advise.

The clue is extra neutral, thankfully than some of the opposite services. It doesn’t gift your reproductive information with a shower of flower petals and pink mist. It’s red, blue, inexperienced, and white. It’s as simplistic and easy as a pile of alphabet blocks, or a complicated as a medical chart depending on how you use it.

The clue is completely integrated with Apple Health, which makes it top-rated for iOS users who use the seize-all fitness app. It’s also available for Android.

Where apps like Clue are the straight-laced whiteboards of duration tracker apps, Eve is more like a wall covered in stickers. It reminds you of your cycles in emoji-laced notifications, and each log is a colourful drawing as opposed to simple old text.

There’s also an encyclopedia of data on things like start control. For some humans (me covered), it might appear a bit too treasured to have all the reactions be snap shots. But if you like having a fitness app with character, Eve will provide. It’s available on iOS and Android.

In case you couldn’t already inform, I’m form of allergic to duration apps which might be all red plants. Flo straddles the line between being like this and being toward Clue’s number one colorations. It seems like a simple aesthetic desire, however, aesthetics depend on an app you may need to use numerous instances a month.

Flo’s additionally a more toned-down model of the light-hearted Eve. Symptoms and such are nevertheless depicted in photos, as opposed to text, but it’s soberer than the latter app. Also, it’s passcode-covered for folks that opt to maintain personal topics non-public. It’s available for iOS and Android.

Period Tracker
If you don’t have time for the circles and frills of different apps, then an easy calendar is your nice guess. Period Tracker is a sincere calendar where you may add the whole lot via the day. Granted, it is able to become looking just like the Global’s most distinctive day planner, however — as someone who in reality makes use of a day planner — that works for some humans.

There’s a Deluxe paid version, even though I certainly couldn’t inform you what the distinction among that and the loose version, as each appear to address the primary info in which I’m interested. Both are to be had for iOS and Android.

Pink Pad
Pink Pad has some thing the opposite apps don’t: an emphasis on the network. The app’s journal-like design and vibrant colorations are attractive, but now not especially specific. Its social community-like traits are what set it aside.

You can ask your fellow participants questions concerning reproductive health, share testimonies, and supply recommendation. That’s fresh in terms of some thing this is commonly mentioned in extra hushed, borderline shameful tones in person (at least in my revel in). It’s to be had for iOS and Android.


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My three Favorite Make-Life-Simple Apps

Productivity. Creativity. Mindfulness sources to carry ease and ease in your existence and commercial enterprise.

I trust all of us to desire a less complicated manner of lifestyles. A manner to stability work, existence, peace and our inner artist. Simplicity is one of the mantras I’ve been sharing with myself and my customers. Blending historical awareness with current exercise is the Tao (manner) of the YINpreneur. Today, I want to show you a number of the methods I combination those, and approach paintings-existence stability.

Evernote (free or paid, ALL devices, syncs with pc)

This current app is my visit when I want to make room in my busy mind. I can work on the fly, yet maintain it prepared in notebooks and documents. It’s the best of a report cupboard and seeks tool. From taking notes in the course of a web webinar to the usage of the web clipper to grab a fave design or recipe off the internet – be it complete or screenshot, or sending an electronic mail to Evernote. Mostly, I love that I can organize inside notebooks and add tags to prepare across notebooks – they even offer templates & spreadsheets. It is ideal for my busy, innovative thoughts. Especially after I want to seize all the thoughts floating via my head for we blog posts, podcasts and greater. The first-class component is, it really works on and syncs across all gadgets. These are just a few of the ways I use it. Free or paid.

Insight Timer (Free or Paid, all Devices)

This app is absolutely the great of historical information and present day exercise. Imagine a meditation app with your choice of singing bowls to meditate or create cognizance. Most use this for meditation, I also use this in the area of what many realize as the Pomodoro Timer – imagine an electricity hour with a sweet sound as opposed to a noisy, jarring, strength draining alarm buzzer. It is my very non-violent alarm. It facilitates me maintain centred on the stunning sound of the singing bowl. I can set it for anything time I pick out, with “caution” bells to open and near my recognition time. I can be working, but placing my purpose and beginning with that sound makes it experience much less like work and more like mindfulness practice. Need a non-distracting background sound? Set the time for flowing water, nature sounds or maybe OM chanting.

Notability (paid, sorry, only iOS, syncs with pc)

This one is my absolute preferred, pass-to app. I love it because it supports my entrepreneur and my inner artist. I can take notes on a keyboard or move antique-college with a stylus – and get back that feeling of writing on paper – I can even combination each in one document. It definitely receives to be a laugh after I upload colour, highlights, sticky notes, insert snap shots (from files or together with your digital camera), and so much extra. I can even document a communicate as I write and the app will sync the audio with my notes. Saving and analysing PDF’s to the app is a breeze. It’s where I arrange all of the PDF from guides I take. I absolutely slide them into the app from my computer. All organized in sections and notebooks. It’s my favoured for visioning, taking notes during patron calls and even organizing recipes. I can start working on my laptop and it syncs to my cell phone. I’m off and cell. Bye bye, document cabinets or complicated thoughts-map apps. This is my area for fun and agency.

I ought to write so much greater about the power of these apps. You can always strive the loose version and personalize their use in your coronary heart and mind. Hope this evokes you and helps you have amusing and make existence simple.

Hi, I am Karen McMillan, mother, YINpreneur and across the world certified, intuitive lifestyles and enterprise instruct (ACC, BCC, CUG)

My passion blending historical understanding with a modern practice that will help you gradual down to speed up your fulfilment, and recognize lifestyles and business bliss.

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